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Fort Colvile Bicentennial


Minutes January 2022

Minutes February 2022

MInutes March 2022 : Cabin log age reveal in April; Book G of Commissioners Journal done; LPO Lakes book out; Bicentennial update; Smokey Bear collection and Keller piano; 40th anniversary of Kettle Falls Historical Center; Clayton Eagle about to move to park.

Email to HBC list for March 2022:

Minutes April 2022: Friends of Spokane House at KFHC May 20-21; Photos from Canadian Royal Engineers may add to our image archive; The Indian Agency Cabin cleaned up by Boy Scouts, looking at work on fireplace, chinking and landscaping: Profits from the LPO book going to Little Pend Oreille fire district.

Minutes April 2022  Lamprey eels exhibit at KFHC. Virtual Reality, Warren Seyler,  Smokey the Bear exhibit at SCHS.  Owens Museum photo scanning.

Minutes May 2022  Louanne Atherley working on a display about women in the fur trade.
HBC Fort Colville Bicentennial: Warren Saylor discussion
Clayton-Deer Park: Wally Parker, retired as their editor,
Virtual Reality and Library

Minutes June 2022  Meeting held in Northport.  Discussion of HBC Bicentennial, Inspire Washington, Northport Welcome Center.  Indian Agency Cabin, Clayton photos and road name index.

Minutes July 2022: Inspire Washington, Cabin date reveal, new headstone Evergreen Cemetery, Smokey Bear, Clayton Eagle moved, natural bridge history.   Also Northport report.

Minutes August 2022:  Meeting held at the Kettle Falls Historical Center. The article in the Silverado on salmon and canoes was well-received. Inspire Washington announces funding opportunities. The Indian Agency cabin is making slow progress. A Salish language program is planned in Chewelah.  The Stevens County Historical Society has a revised website.

Minutes September 2022: Meeting held at Stevens County Historical Society.  1865 Map project, chinking cabin, Salish Days, Car listings, new computers at SCHS.

Minutes October 2022:

Meeting held at SCHS. Topics included Map Names progress; Indian Agency Cabin chinking; Assessor building sheets; Mary Kersse Roddy genealogy talk; Post Office mural; Clayton members Marilyn Riley, Don Ball and Pete Coffin passed away.

Minutes November 2022

The officers were re-elected. Cabin chinking was completed by Richard Wilner.  Sue Richart has completed transcribing the commissioners journals up to 1902. The Little Pend Oreille Lakes book sold out and is being reprinted. Lynn Wells brought a couple large printed copies of the 1865 map.

Minutes March 2021

Minutes April 2021  

Minutes May 2021  HBC Fort Colville, THN website, Tik Tok, Folding Map, Colville Indian Agency Cabin, Clayton Eagle

Minutes June 2021 HBC Fort Colville, Colville Indian Agency Cabin dendrochronology, Post Offices of old Stevens County, Commissioners Journals Book C, Northport Renovation Project grant

Minutes July 2021 covering the folding map project, the Crossroads website, #FortColville200, Indian Agency Cabin, Winans Papers, Little Pend Oreille Lakes book.

Minutes August 2021 #FortColville200 will get more pictures. Crossroads Website moving to new server. Folding Map funding request made. Historic Colville Indian Agency Cabin on track.  Commissioners Journals progressing. New photo of Clayton Brickworks arrives, The National Guard worked on the Northport Visitors Center. No Christmas tour at Stevens County Historical Society due to Covid.  Current forest fires decreased attendance. 

Minutes September 2021 Moving website; Change of direction on HBC Fort Colville Bicentennial; Folding map frustrations; NEWGS 40th Anniversary and new names for veterans memorials.  Treasures in Northport workshop. This was a zoom meeting and recordings are available: Part 1Part 2.

Minutes October 2021 Articles in Silveratdo about HBC Fort Colvile; Payment for Crossroads Website move; Soil donated for Indian Agency Cabin; NEWGS now able to meet in person; 40 anniversary of KFHC.

Minutes November 2021:   The Northport Newsletter was great. We need grant applications for the HBC Fort Colvile Bicentennial. Works are in progress on the Indian Agency Cabin. No tour at SCHS this year because of COVID. The NEWGS is about to publish The Little Pend Oreille Lakes book.

Minutes March 2020

Meetings in 2020 were cancelled after March due to the pandemic.