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Fur Trade

The man business of the HBC was, of course,the fur trade, and Colvile, like all the major HBC posts, traded for a lot of furs (47k+ of beaver alone, 1826-50). HBC kept meticulous records of what were called fur returns—trade goods went out to the trading units (land posts, trapping brigades, and coastal trading vessels),… (read more)

In The Stream

In The Stream: An Indian Story by Nancy Perkins Wynecoop and N. Wynecoop Clark. It is about the life of Nancy’s Sinixt (Lakes Indian) grandmother, Able-One.  Her tribe lived across the river from present day Bossburg. In 1815, when Able-One was born, her band had little or no contact with fur traders. By the end… (read more)


When gathering thoughts on the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of Hudson Bay Fort Colvile I wrote about the many groups of people who were involved and the effects of that event that echo to this day (Preliminary Thoughts).  Since then a great number of people have contributed thoughts, stories, links and suggestions for commemorating… (read more)

Preliminary Goals

Historical Documentation I see two kinds of publications emerging from this event.  Since there are so many sides to what took place, I would like us to solicit papers from as many viewpoints as possible and have them presented at the event to the extent possible or reasonable, and complied in a scholarly collection.  It… (read more)

Preliminary Thoughts

Hudson’s Bay Fort Colvile Bicentennial, Preliminary Thoughts (March 9th, 2021) Today as a nation and a world we are constantly considering momentous changes in government, health, technology; the exploration of space and the preservation of life itself.  It is hard to recount all of these changes in our own lifetimes.  It is harder still to… (read more)